Best grinder for drip coffee

Are you one of those people who love have a drip coffee and now is looking to buy a perfect grinder for the same? We all want our coffee to taste delicious and what better way than to get a perfect coffee grinder for your home which can help you in the perfect ground coffee for your brewing machine.

One of the best coffee grinders which can provide you the grind settings that you need is the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee grinder which is known to be perfect for a variety of coffees. This big boy can get you the right ground coffee for an Espresso and a drip coffee which makes it the perfect choice for most households. Here’s you can find the drip coffee maker reviews.

About the product

Rancilio is one of the most popular companies in the coffee industry and its Rocky Doserless model is the ideal product for all those people who like to grind their own different styles of coffee. This coffee grinder is the best investment you can ever make and is the perfect recommendation for all those people who are looking to get a little serious about their coffee making.

This product can provide you a serious of grind settings much more efficiently than other coffee grinders while giving you one of the best experience you ever expected. Here are a few things which are worth mentioning about this extremely amazing coffee grinder.


There are two types of models in the coffee industry, doser and doserless. In a doserless model, you can control a number of coffee beans that go into the portafilter and your grinder doesn’t user chambers to do its work. In a doser model, you automate the process of grinding but in a doserless model, you grind how much you need and are always provided with fresh ground coffee to brew.

Quality and Construction

This product is really sturdy and you certainly don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon. This is not all, though, in addition to being durable and sturdy, it also looks amazing and has an extremely stylish appearance which makes it a favorable choice for most users. This stylish model can suit most kitchen styles and will always look timeless to you.


Here are a few of the features which make this product the perfect choice for you:

  • It is user-friendly and comes with a single switch to operate the machine.
  • It includes a dial which can be used to select the desired grind settings
  • It comes with a 166-watt motor which can grind a double shot in less than 30 seconds.
  • You have over 55 grind settings to choose from which includes anything between a french press coffee maker and an automatic drip.
  • This product is extra quiet while working.
  • It comes with a thermal protection design which helps in the prevention of overheating of the machine.


This is one of the best buys as a coffee grinder which will certainly not disappoint you with its various grind settings and powerful functioning.

5 Kid friendly cooking equipments a must for every kitchen

While we all know that cooking with your kids could turn out to be a lot of fun, it still involves a risk, allowing your kids assist you in the kitchen without keeping available any appropriate tools for them.

So apart from the basics like a coffee machine and a easy bake oven, we have made a list of essential tools which you need to stock your kitchen with so that the next time you plan on a family cooking time, you don’t spend half of the time worrying your kids will hurt themselves:

Stepping Stool

Well, this is probably one of the most obvious item which you can invest in for your kids. While cooking with kids can be fun, it can be a little dangerous too when your kids can’t reach the stove and have to tiptoe or stand on a chair to reach the counter.

Getting them a sturdy stool so that they can easily reach the counter and the stove would enable their safety and make them feel welcomed by you too.

Small plastic bowls

Get a set of small plastic bowls which your kids can use to mix and add stuff while cooking and which they won’t end up breaking in the process. Plastic bowls would ensure that even if your kids mistakenly throw the bowl, it won’t end up being broken.

Small plastic bowls would be easier for your kids to handle too and they can keep them anywhere while preparing the food.

Tiny, safe knife

An important tool which your kids would need while cooking is a small knife which is safe for them to use. A lot of the normal knives in the kitchen are too sharp for kids and may end up hurting them, so you need to buy a safety knife or a butter knife for them.

Safety knives have all the feel of a real metal knife except for that it has blunt edges which ensure that your kid won’t hurt himself/herself while chopping some fruits and vegetables.

It’s easy to cut most fruits and vegetables with it except for few items like watermelon rinds, etc. but this knife would be a good start to introduce your kids to cooking.

Cutting Boards

This is a good item to provide your kid with the safety knife as sometimes the kids want to move their cutting board according to their own comfort.

A non-skid cutting board will help in just this making you less worry about whether your kid would cut themselves up on the cutting board or not.

A board comprising of non-skid backing or non-skid feet will help your kids to move their boards freely to any place and there won’t be any danger of the board slipping while they are chopping the fruits and vegetables.

Aprons and Dish Towels

Another one of the most basic and logical item to get for your kids would be small aprons and dish towels for them so that they don’t dirty themselves.

Sometimes your kids would want to make a snack for themselves while getting ready for their school or some other place, in which case aprons would come in handy as they can cook and not spoil their clothes too.

Also, get tons of dish towels as the cooking is going to just get messier with your kids involved and you don’t want your whole kitchen to end up in a mess now, do you?