Ben Wa Balls & Love Balls

Kegel Balls aka Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls, or also known as Kegel balls, smart balls, or love balls, are the sex toys that you never thought you needed. These are weighted balls that are meant to be worn inside the vagina. These balls are based on the old-age method of training the pelvic muscles and using them for Kegel training and exercise. 

But today, they are used by many people around the world to increase sexual sensation. They are typically worn for a while before penetrative sex and taken out just before the main penetration. Most people feel that wearing a pair of these vagina balls might not be orgasmic immediately but reaps sexual benefits by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in the long run. In our website, we have Ben Wa Balls of different shapes and sizes that will meet the sexual expectations of everyone.

Using Vibrating Pussy Balls 

Using Ben Wa Balls is very easy. After you clean them, you need to apply a generous amount of lube in the vaginal opening; this will prevent the discomfort as you guide the clit balls in. After lubing up, you need to lie down in a comfortable position and spread your legs as wide as possible. Steadily and slowly, insert the first ball. Both the vagina balls are connected to each other with a piece of plastic or string, so slip these inside your vagina as well.

Vagina Balls

Once the string is inside, you can gently start to insert the second clit ball in your vagina. Push the vagina balls as much as you can without compromising on your comfort. Make sure that the removal loop or string remains outside so that the pussy balls do not get stuck in your vagina. Tighten your pelvic muscle and have a normal day.

The pussy balls will be secured inside your vagina. If you feel that they will fall off, push them back again inside gently. How you feel with the balls inside you varies from one person to another, but commonly gives a very tingly and subtle sensation.

Clit Balls Summary

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