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Nipple Clip Vibrators

The human body is incredible. There are people in the world that can literally orgasm through a great nipple play. Yes, nipple orgasm exists and has been studied that proper nipple stimulation can activate the exact same areas as the vaginal/clitoral stimulation does.

The nipples are some of the most sensitive parts of the body and can feel very good during sex. But if you want to take that experience to greater heights, then you can opt for nipple clamps. Nipple clips or clamps are BDSM toys that definitely deserve your attention; in fact, some are made so beautifully that they are works of art.

Nipple clamps provide a very scintillating pinch and leave that part very sensitive for the foreplay. They are made for both solo and couple play. Right from chained to vibrating ones, there are a lot of different nipple clamp types.

How do you choose the best nipple clamp?

Here are some things that you need to know before purchasing nipple clamps for the first time:

Always test them first

Nipple clip vibrator are something that is not meant for everyone since there is an amount of pain that is involved. You can try out a nipple clamp by performing a patch test on different sensitive parts of your body before actually applying the clamp to your nipples. It is recommended that you try out the clamp on your earlobe as it will give you a rough idea on the sensation.

Erect is always better

It is best to make sure that your nipples are erect before you test the nipple clip vibrator. You can make use of products like a nipple sucker or your fingers and tongue. Apply the sensation on the pigmented skin around the nipple; this will increase the sensitivity and size of the nipple. Once done, test the clamp on your nipple and check if it is up to your comfort level or not.

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