Dog Cock K9 Dildo

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  • Item Type: Dildos
  • Model Number: CHGD09
  • Size: 18.5cm*6.7cm
  • Material: TPE
  • Brand Name: FAAK
  • Color: Black/purple/gold/flesh
  • Category: Creative FAAK wolf dildo
  • Function: Masturbation,flirting
  • Crowd: Lesbian couples,Women men
  • Type: Animal dildo, anal plug
  • Style: Adult G spot erotic toy
  • Package: Safe and secretly
  • Vibration: Can not vibrate

If you are tired of the same old sex routine and looking for something to spice that up, you have come to the right place. Dildos are the perfect sex toys if you are planning on doing something sexual alone or with your partner. Animal furry Dildos come in a wide range of shapes and sizes; some are extremely small while others are quite large.

On our website, you will get a wide range of sex toys like the famous dog dildo and many others such as the corn dildo toy. Our nearly-limitless collection of sex toys will definitely satisfy all your needs. These dildos are also referred to as follows:

  • Dog Dildo
  • Dog Cock Dildo
  • Dog knot Dildo
  • Knotted Dildo
  • Knot Dildo
  • K9 Dildo
  • Uses of dog cock dildo

Typically, dog cock dildos are used for anal/vaginal stimulation or penetration. You can also use it to imbibe a fetish kind of feeling by touching the parts of the skin. These sex toys are also used during the foreplay as an act of dominance or submission; either way, the act increases the sex drive and the intensity of the foreplay.

Apart from the sexual way, knotted dildos have also been used medically for many years now. Women often use them to strengthen the vaginal muscles after suffering from incontinence uterus. Additionally, men with prostate disorders also use them for massaging and draining the built-up fluid.

Other details of dog penis dildo

Dildos of the best quality comprise of a lot of fine detailing and features. They will be cleared by the FDA and on the medical basis as well. A good-quality dog dildo is made of high-grade materials like cyber-skin, UR3, and latex, which are non-porous and non-toxic in nature.

Most brands sell dog cock dildos with complimentary lubricants as well. Lubricants are applied on dog dildos to make them super smooth and, in turn, spice up your sex life. Knot Dildos today look so real that you might accidentally mistake them for a real-life penis. The more precise is the workmanship, the more sexual pleasure you can derive.

How do you choose a dog knot dildo?

There are some considerations that you need to remember while looking for in dog dildos:

  1. Shape and size

For a beginner, a small-sized dildo will work out perfectly because it is easier to handle. But you also have the option to choose a bigger one for something more exciting. Additionally, you also get to choose between several different shapes as well; you can go for the one that looks like a human penis or something more exciting like mythological creatures, etc.

  1. Material and flexibility

Finishing touches like flexibility and material will give your dog penis dildo the huge difference it needs for maximizing sexual pleasure. There are dildos that made of sturdy materials like glass, silicone, and metal that will work perfectly with the G-spot area and are smoother as well. Or you can go for rubber dildos that are much more flexible. Modern sex toys are made of high-end materials like cyber-skin that imbibes a realistic feel.

Where can you buy dog sex toy dildo?

You can buy sex toys either at a physical retail store or via online stores. The former allows you to carefully analyze the sex toys before purchasing them. However, there are a lot of hassles when it comes to physical retail stores. Hence most people prefer looking for sex toys at online stores. Additionally, online stores offer you much more options for you to choose from. They also offer substantial discounts and silent delivery as well.

What about other Knot Dildos are they the same

If you like it silky smooth when you masturbate, then a K9 Dildo is the next thing you should buy. Available in various colors and shapes, this sex toy might open up a whole new sexual realm that you never knew existed. Know more about this dildo in this post.

What is a K9 Dildo?

Knotted dildos are smooth in their finish and can feel much fuller than any other kind of normal sex toy. These kinds of dildos are girthy in shape and have knots on the outside which gives you a ribbed feeling rather than a plain feeling. The appearance of these dildos are very lifelike and you will keep wanting for more.

Why choose Knotted Dildo?

K9 Knotted Dildo can make your sex life more thrilling with the wide variety of options they have. You can choose from various colors, sizes, and shapes. The whole purpose of this dildo is to make you feel full till you reach your tipping point. There is no one who cannot be satisfied with knotted dildos.

The K9 Dildos might look very huge and thick and this might get you all intimidated. However, once you experience the pleasure of these dildos, there is no going back. The curves on these dildos accompanied by a smooth body is designed to make you reach the highest limits of sexual ecstasy.

Can a K9 Knot Dildo be used safely?

Knotted dildos are made with precision and care so that you can have the perfect masturbation sessions. To spice things up, you could even use them with your partner. These dildos are totally water-proof which allows you to fit a suction cup to the dildo. This makes them safe to use as well with less chances of giving you an infection.

For someone who likes to go a bit out of the way to heighten their sexual pleasure, these knotted dildos can work wonders. Made with silicone, knotted dildos are totally safe since the silicone they use are medically tested and graded. Also they will last you longer than your average sex toy or dildo. The silicone material makes the whole experience very life like and you can literally feel the girth and the firmness.

Looking to make those long showers more interesting? Go for K9 Knot Dildos today and turn your sex life around. You can buy them from our website and we will do absolutely discreet delivery.


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