Got a messy kitchen? Here’s what you can do

Thanksgiving is probably one of the most awaited and most dreaded holiday for all of us. While the promise of a huge celebration and good food makes us excited for it to come sooner, the thought of doing the dishes afterwards is equally shudder worthy.

So how to make sure that this thanksgiving you don’t have to worry about those piles of dishes and just enjoy your holiday with your loved ones? We have a list of things which you could do to enjoy your thanksgiving to the fullest:

Use Disposable Cutlery

I know most people don’t believe in using disposable cutlery and like taking out their fancy silverware but trust me, if there are loads of people coming over, the wise decision would be to use paper or other disposable items for serving dishes.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning those, all you have to do is collect them in a garbage bag and throw them in the dustbin. No preparing beforehand and no need to clean your cutlery items one night before for serving the dishes. Voila! You have lesser dishes to clean the next day and you don’t spend too much time day before the thanksgiving in cleaning cutleries.

Make few food items the day before

Another way by which you can reduce your pile of dishes is by making few food items day before which won’t get spoilt overnight. You can make pies, sides, cookies, etc. items day before which can be reheated.

This way you wouldn’t have to worry about cooking vessels to be cleaned along with the serving dishes. No extra dishes would need to be cleaned as the dishes in which you store your food items can act as the serving dishes once reheated.

Do them immediately

If you absolutely can’t make food items before and don’t wish to use the disposable cutlery, the best option would be to clean the utensils as they are being used. Piling a bunch of dishes and cooking utensils would only add work for you later on, so it would be better to clean them as you go.

Cook a food item, transfer it to a serving plate and wash that cooking utensil immediately. Dry the cooking utensil and keep it back so when you do look at your kitchen after thanksgiving, you would see much less of a mess than expected. Here’s few tips to help you speed it up.

Keep a dish tub of soapy water ready

If you are planning to wash everything the same day, another advice would be to keep ready a dish tub full of water and kitchen soap and keep your utensils in that tub as you go.

This would make sure that it doesn’t become too difficult for you to rub and remove the dirt from the dishes as it would get soaked in water beforehand. Once you get time, you can start washing and drying a few dishes at a time.

Wash everything the night before

Another thing you could do is keep all your cooking utensils clean and dry the night before so that you have utensils in abundance to use and you won’t be short in utensils for serving the dishes to your guests.

Once the party is over, you can clean it the next day and not worry about having no utensils for the next evening.